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5 things i would like to help my audience with

I want to help you, my audience, to learn the basics of how to make a budget in a simple way. I also want to help you learn about resources that are out there to help you. I want you to learn how live below your means and build the life you want. I want you to learn to set up a way to start investing and to see the long term picture. For those who have never budgeted, I want this to be a place where you can easily begin.

1. Provide easy to follow guides and blog posts to make budgeting fun.
Let face it, with your free time, not many people want to sit around going through their budget. Many people can get paralyzed with just the thought of going over what they spend their money on. I want to help you break this down into smaller pieces and help you create a perfect budget for you. I want to create free downloads you can access and start your budgeting journey from a strong place. I also want to create content that will keep your money moving forward, not only with budgeting but investing as well. I want to explore with you the different investing options, so you can decided what is the right path for you and your life.

2. Recommend only the best resources for budgeting and finance.
There are so many resources out on the internet, it can be overwhelming. I want to explore and write about these various resources, so you can check them out and decide if it is a good fit for you.
This could be websites, templates, apps, or just general knowledge. Personally, I like to use all sorts of various resources as I continue to budget and invest in my future. As time goes on, you may outgrow some of the basic tools and want more to help keep your money moving forward. At the very least, you’ll know what is out there and how it works.

3. Help to instill confidence in your budgeting skills.
How would you build confidence in budgeting if you suck at it. Simple…..small little wins. I am going to teach you how to break it down in baby steps. With each baby step, you will gain some confidence that you are growing. You are moving forward towards managing this difficult task. While I can’t save or spend money for you, I can help you see where things are going. I think half the battle is being aware of what is going on with your money, then you can make decisions from there.

4. Write a weekly blog post to help you on your budgeting journey
Every week there is a blog post covering the various aspects of budgeting and finance. There is the basics of budgeting, investing with or without your employer…or both, IRA’s 401K’s, Stocks, Crypto Currency. Some people need to figure out how to live below their means, while others are already living the bare minimum and cannot make any more cuts. We explore various ideas of how to save and how to earn money if you need to increase your income.

5. A place to discuss and read about all things financial.
This is a place where we discuss all things financial. A place where information is gathered, so you can easily access it and use it. A place that gives you the tools, thoughts and ideas to keep your money moving forward, in a way that is building the life that you want. There are so many options when it comes to finances. Let’s explore what those are and see where it leads you.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had some financial flexibility. That you knew, for the most part, that the decisions you are making now will help you now and in the future. Will “future you” be thanking you for setting her/him up for a good retirement? Or will “future you” still be living paycheck to paycheck, wondering how long you can physically work? Right now you have choices to change the present and your future. This is what this blog is for. To give you information and tools to help you decide what your future is going to look like.

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